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Ruth Asawa


Bayside Plaza
The artwork Aurora by Ruth Asawa is made by a human hand, perhaps in first instance Japanese paper folded together. It can make sense to Japanese people, many of whom live in San Francisco. The work is standing in the water. On the background there is Oakland Bay Bridge (looking alike the nearby legendary Golden Gate Bridge). This work is also made by hand and standing in the nature, all though the scale is different.

In the essay by ArtAtSite this artwork is compared with the following artworks. Check this link for the essay.

The artwork Tau by Roger Berry (San Francisco, picture 2, more information) is wonderfully attractive. In an artificial space made of concrete and steel, this is a welcome game changer by use of the basic shape, the beautiful material, the correct scale and the craftsmanship.

The artwork Oriental Light Sundail (artist unknown, Shanhai, picture 3, more information) is also made by hands. The choosen material makes it reminiscent of an object for space travel, it is in any case a modern object. It seems rather to have an instrumental than an artistic function.

A Dew Drop by Fai Chin Lee (Hong Kong, picture 4, more information) is more like a mirror than a drop of water (what is suggested by the title). It reflects everything from the environment but nothing ot the interior is visible. It is located in an airport. On this location people don’t tend to show much of their interior.
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